Day 28 - The Edges of Silence

Jul 07, 2024

Hi again reader - again if you're coming back, hi and welcome if you're new. 

For a brief explanation of the blog and why I'm sharing the poem below, flick back to the previous post here. 

Below, I share the words I wrote after a day out mustering cattle that had never before seen humans. I was living in Queensland's Outback working as a Govvie at the time. That's me in the right of the picture where you see the red light - on the quad bike I'd run into a riverbed some 10 hours earlier. 


Silence. Resounding lustful silence. 

Broken only by the chipper and click

of grass-dwelling insects. 


A crescent moon lies on its back

peacefully lighting the ground below

like the glow above a cradle.


Mustered cattle stand in paddock -

Unknown surroundings. 

Softly they cry out their confusion. 


Giant cane toads litter the lawn

fattened and fed by the land

which cannot defeat them. 


The trees rustle. 

Bright green frogs leap

and climb their branches. 


I listen. 

Peace settles within me. 

Lustful silence hemmed

with the sounds of The Outback.


I can rest. 

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