I'm Christine Mullaney. 

Passionate about helping you express yourself CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY every time you communicate.

Why me? Why you? Why now?

 In 2020, I started Language Courage Coaching to do what gives me the greatest joy - help bilingual professionals feel more confident, capable and comfortable when communicating in English. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught thousands of professionals with one goal in mind: making English practical to their lives.

I realised most professionals still struggled to feel 100% confident, despite having advanced language proficiency. Why?

Language proficiency does not equal communication competency.

It’s that simple. Being influential is challenging. Influencing executives in white shirts with thick English accents (whether Irish, American, Canadian or otherwise) is even more so, especially when English isn’t your natural default.

I believe no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, you deserve visibility, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve equal opportunities to excel in an English-dominated environment.

So here’s what I propose:

Make this year YOUR YEAR! The year you invest in achieving your dreams! 

I look forward to meeting you and journeying with you as you unleash your phenomenal!



Christine is one of the hidden gems of strategic English communication. For over 25 years, she’s taught, managed and facilitated training on 5 continents, for over 20 companies with 3,500 learners from 35 countries. 

A TEDx speaker and speaker coach, former speaking examinerSpeech & Drama Feis co-organiser (amongst many other roles), and founding member of ELT Ireland, she combines a specialism in English pronunciation, storytelling and public speaking, with her own approach, Neurocultural™ Communication, to deliver customised coaching that can catapult your communication and cross-cultural connections.

Since founding Language Courage Coaching, Christine has worked with numerous professionals in a variety of industries, and as a partner coach with a Fortune 500 tech firm, helping team members develop their confidence and communication skills.

Having recently moved to Spain, she's now developing in-person workshops for local and international teams. Train on the sunny Costa del Sol in style! 

Christine also runs The Connected Communication Club and hosts her podcast of the same name, which ranked at 5% globally in its first 30 days.

Christine's Certifications:


ICF Accredited: 

*Brain-based Conversations® / Results-focused Coach
*Neurolanguage® Coach
*Return to Wholeness - Gabor Mate Trauma Awareness
*The Neuroscience of Confidence & Trust
*Cambridge IELTS for Teachers & Examiners
*Competitive Voice: Spoken Word / Classical Singing / Sight Reading 

Are you ready to awaken and catapult your career? 

Neurocultural Communication(™)

Neurocultural CommunicationTM Spiral

Brain Awareness

Knowing how the brain processes information and emotional triggers is crucial for effective communication. It helps manage audiences, tailor messages to be engaging, memorable and avoid communication barriers that can cause misunderstandings.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is key to effective communication. By understanding our emotions, biases, and communication mannerisms, we can communicate more clearly and empathetically, avoid misunderstandings, building better relationships.

Language Awareness

Being aware of linguistic diversity is important for effective communication. By acknowledging and respecting different languages and dialects, we can manage our biases, communicate inclusively, build trust and bridge cultural divides.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness is crucial for effective communication. By understanding cultural variations, we can avoid misunderstandings and communicate more respectfully and inclusively with people from diverse backgrounds.


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People remember how we make them feel.

Gizem, Speech & Language Therapist, Belgium (via Turkey)

"Christine and her approach point out to me how I can connect English with my mother tongue. I am delighted to have met and studied with her. She's touched my life. I'll never forget her and our fun times together."

Martina, Entrepreneur, Czechia

"Thank you so much Christine. I love your support and flexibility. You're so helpful. I really enjoy this blend of life and language coaching that we do."

Ana Carolina, Brazil

I met Christine when I worked in Dublin and she became an inspiration to me, both as a person and as a professional. I was impressed by her organizational skills as well as her leadership ones. I consider her as an example of what a leader should be for many reasons. Christine is very thoughtful and treats everybody kindly and with respect. Even though I had never worked in such position before, she believed that I could do a good job and made me believe as well.