Client Comments:

Alex, PMP

I was privileged to work with Christine for half a year on the re-acceleration of my career. Her calm, respectful and analytical approach enabled me to initiate attitudinal shifts that would be the foundation for future success. After the time invested with Christine, I discovered how to develop a strategic approach towards overcoming challenges and follow it up with effective communication to the relevant audience. Christine and I worked with a well-structured plan, but she had the awareness and maturity to allow deep dives during unplanned detours which added more dimensions to the growth journey.

Wafa, Compliance Manager

Christine has been my coach for over a year. She is exceptional, she helped me prepare deliver a workshop in the APAC region. Christine taught me valuable skills like the threading technique, engaging with the audience while understanding the cultural differences and adapting my approach based on audience reactions. Thanks to her, I received positive feedback from the lead team. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills and achieve professional success.

Simona Ceglie, PMP

"It has been a privilege having Christine as my professional coach. I feel like I am a different person/professional after the work we did together. My focus was mainly on strengthening confidence and communication, public speaking and presentation skills. And yet she gave me more than that. She was able to walk me through a lot more and willing to work with me around the full development of my existing skills. She literally opened a new world that I did not know, and a new me came out of it. Awareness and confidence took over and, after working with her, I feel I can do so much more. I can achieve more in my career now thanks to her."

Aga Krawczyk, PMO Director

"Christine has not only helped me improve my communication skills and taught me everything I didn’t know about the power of using ‘pause, rhythm and tone’, she also helped me improve my presentation skills, as well as my stage presence and storytelling. She is absolutely fantastic to work with, and you will, without any doubts achieve remarkable results whilst working with Christine."

Aline, Finance Analyst

"Christine is one of the best people that I met in Ireland. I think she has no idea how much she has helped me, to be honest. She is an intelligent, dedicated, professional, funny, kind, honest, strong woman and will understand your mind and your fears better than you. I highly recommend Christine!!"

Eleonora Pagliarin, Sales & Ops Analyst

Christine is someone you can hold on to both as a colleague and mentor. Not only because of her competence, extremely punctual organisational skills and effective problem-solving attitude, but because of the way she leads by example, always conveying empathy.

Ha Soo, Teacher

"Working with Christine was so great! Not only has she helped me improve my speaking skills, but also boosted my self-confidence. She also shared tips on breathing to get rid of nervousness when speaking. With her fantastic coaching & guidance, I'm able to speak confidently."

Martina Váhóva, Entrepreneur & Coach

"Thank you so much Christine. I love your support. You're so helpful. I really enjoy this blend of life and language coaching that we do."


Gizem Aslan, Speech & Language Therapist

"Christine and her approach point out to me how I can connect English with my mother tongue. I am delighted to have met and studied with her. She's touched my life. I'll never forget her and our fun times together."

Ana Carolina Cardoso Bedenik, Dublin

I met Christine when I worked in Dublin and she became an inspiration to me, both as a person and as a professional. I was impressed by her organizational skills as well as her leadership ones. I consider her as an example of what a leader should be for many reasons. Christine is very thoughtful and treats everybody kindly and with respect. Even though I had never worked in such position before, she believed that I could do a good job and made me believe as well. 


Laura Ciancimino, Sales Professional

"I worked with Christine in Ireland, and she was one of the most impactful people I had the chance to work with. She taught me a lot about how to organize myself and convey messages, which is key when dealing with customers/clients. To this day, I still use her advice. I've had the most meaningful and inspiring conversations with her. True legend!"