Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Aristotle.
"The destination for everyone is the same. It's the journey that's different."
Should you choose to work with me, together we'll embark upon a journey, co-creating your route. As your Coach, my questions, with your permission, will encourage you to probe your thinking, explore your beliefs and behaviours and nurture new mannerisms. 
It will not always feel comfortable because deep change never does. However, you will always be respected, heard and never judged. My coaching is aligned with the ICF Core competencies. I share with you a brain-friendly, fun, developmental journey, much like my 790KM trek across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. 

Your Neurocultural Awareness Journey

Brain Awareness

  1. After our discovery call, I send your documents.
  2. Before session 1, I ask you to complete the SCARF assessment. 
  3. During Session 1, we firmly establish your goals and discuss the SCARF. 
  4. You leave with your first actions to take. 

*The Coaching journey is unique. Your actions will depend on your goals. 

Self Awareness

  1. A major part of development is self-awareness. Through our coaching conversations and your commitment to action, you'll continue to become aware of aspects of yourself and others you had not considered before. 
  2. How do you come across when speaking? 
  3. What do your voice and body say about you?

Language Awareness

  1. All communicators can develop aspects of their language skills. This may include:
  2. Appropriate language to use in different professional settings.
  3. Clever ways to answer questions while on stage.
  4. Storyweaving language (verbal and non-verbal) to bring listeners on a journey while you speak.
  5. Signposting and data-oriented language for pitching and presenting.

Cultural Awareness

  1. What's unique about this coaching approach is the inclusion of all aspects of public speaking and communication. 
  2. If you present across cultures, we can delve into the cultural nuances of your target audiences using "The Lewis Model" and "Culture Map" platforms. 
  3. This will give you a key competitive edge over others.