What's the one thing that links ALL business owners?

The need to pitch, present and speak in public. 

  • Are you a committed professional or entrepreneur?
  • Do you dread public speaking events? 
  • Do you underprepare and end up frustrated?

Would you like change all that?


Reconstruct your communication confidence!

Show me how!

Speak to be understood!

Teach me how!

Develop executive communication techniques.

Help me advance!

Can speaking and communication coaching help me? 

  1. Are you a tech professional or expat? 
  2. Do you work in English, but it's not your first language?
  3. Are you somewhat stuck in your career, but not sure why?
  4. Are you tired of seeing "better" communicators promoted before you?
  5. Is navigating the indirect way English speakers communicate challenging?
  6. Do you teach or coach Business English skills but panic over pronunciation? 



Most people focus on the WRONG skills when learning to speak in public. We take you out of your head and bring you into your heart. See public speaking in a way you never thought you would!

What if you felt confident in your speaking delivery?

What if you knew exactly what to say to become a go-to expert without losing your sense of self?

Here’s what people get wrong….

  • it’s not JUST about having a solid pitch deck.
  • It’s not JUST about being able to speak clearly.
  • And it’s definitely NOT just about knowing your subject.

The more global your visibility, the MORE important your communication flexibility is – and that’s about clarity, connection, assertiveness and adaptability.

You've got to be able to hold your own on a stage!

Here, I’m giving you the techniques so you can propel your presentations and feel comfortable speaking in front of ANYONE!

I’m Christine Mullaney

Public Speaking, Presentation & Crosscultural Communication Coach.

I teach entrepreneurs and professionals how to speak from their solar plexus.

That means connecting with your internal voice and externalising your message in a way that resonates.

  • Present impactfully, memorably and comfortably.
  • Pitch with poise and power.
  • Hold your own on a speaking panel amongst peers.

Find do-it-yourself downloads and free resources in the "Help Yourself" section, subscribe to the Connected Communication Resources Platform or book a discovery call to explore your goals. All training is bespoke, tailored to your unique needs. 


What did you develop?

Ha Soo, Malaysia

"Working with Christine was so great! Not only has she helped me improve my speaking skills, but also boosted my self-confidence. She also shared tips on breathing to get rid of nervousness when speaking. With her fantastic coaching & guidance, I'm able to speak confidently."

Aga Krawczyk, PMO Director, Netherlands 

"Christine has not only helped me improve my communication skills and taught me everything I didn’t know about the power of using ‘pause, rhythm and tone’, she also helped me improve my presentation skills, as well as my stage presence and storytelling. She is absolutely fantastic to work with, and you will, without any doubts achieve remarkable results whilst working with Christine."

Simona, Netherlands (via Italy)

"It has been a privilege having Christine as my professional coach. I feel like I am a different person/professional after the work we did together. My focus was mainly on strengthening confidence and communication, public speaking and presentation skills. And yet she gave me more than that. She was able to walk me through a lot more and willing to work with me around the full development of my existing skills. She literally opened a new world that I did not know, and a new me came out of it. Awareness and confidence took over and, after working with her, I feel I can do so much more. I can achieve more in my career now thanks to her."

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