Day 29 - Senses

Jul 08, 2024

Hi and welcome (back), reader. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're feeling lustful on this lovely July day. Being back in Ireland has been titillating my senses in the past few weeks. I've a *mad dose of magical energy rushing through my veins, an energy only Ireland can invoke - and I've found a juicy little gem of a poem from my Australia notebooks that matches the energy. 

A Short Aside

Firstly, you'll see an asterix * on some of the words throughout this piece. This indicates Hiberno English, the English we use in Ireland. I've put a glossary at the end of the post so you can check the meaning and be able to understand the *focail coming out of my keyboard. 

We're on Day 28 of 30 days of blogging. It's been tricky to stick to daily writing, I'll admit, but not because of the writing. Me being me, I decided to give myself this responsibility just before I moved back to Ireland for summer, where I have little solitude, something I am very used to having and struggle to live without. I'm a prolific writer, but I've always found the idea of writing daily daunting. Usually, I'll do a few days and then *smash out pages of stuff. Now, all I want to do is close myself away and write. This month, I've wished more than once to have lived during times of patronage when creators were able to be solitary and just create. It's doable in this day and age, but not easy. I also recognise the importance of time spent with others, laughter, stories and memories shared. 

Nonetheless, the month has been an interesting one. I am very grateful to those of you who've sent me messages and shared your pleasure reading. It is a lovely thing to think what I write is impacting someone's life. I've especially enjoyed the days I've had time to pen the words sent into my awareness as short stories. I don't think I've even begun to tap that resource yet, so keep coming back if you've enjoyed the stories so far. If you're someone who's been coming back over the past month, thank you. If you've shared the blog with others or posted about it on your social media, more thanks. Please tag me if you do share it. *I'll only be too honoured. 

Over To You

Finally, for today, may I invite your commentary? I'm not sure what I'll do after the 30 days. I have neglected the writing of my book and LinkedIn articles whilst doing the blog, so I'm going to have to find a balance. There's a part of me saying I should also do a "professional" section too, so there's a resource related to my coaching work. I'm thinking minimum twice a week to start with will be manageable, sticking with Fridays being dedicated to my truest love, Hiberno English.

It is my fullest intention to write the words gifted to me on the days I'll publish. I've got the bones of a story I visualised while stuck in traffic last week cooking. I'm hoping to write it for Day 30, but we'll have to see what comes up tomorrow. If you are reading and following along the journey with me, in silence and you prefer to remain so, *dead on. You do you. If however, you have a even small bit of *gumption about you and you're feeling *bauld, please send me a message on Instagram or even through the site hereI'd really love to hear what you've enjoyed, what you've not enjoyed so much, and any topics or Hiberno English words and phrases you'd like me to cover. 

Right, before we get your senses stimulated on this fine July evening - it's a *cracker of a day here on the Northeast Coast of Ireland - let me give you the glossary so you can flick back through the text and develop the best vocabulary you'll ever learn in the English language - the Irish vernacular, *cant no other cunts are capable of conversing in quite like an Irish thoroughbred can. 

Glossary: **

  1. A mad dose of something: a lot of
  2. Focail: the plural word for "words" in the Irish language. 
  3. Smash something out: produce a lot of
  4. I'll only be too honoured: I'll be very honoured. 
  5. Dead on: that's fine / that's grand / no problem. 
  6. Gumption: backbone / spirit 
  7. Bauld: cheeky / courageous
  8. A cracker of a day: the weather is excellent.
  9. *Cant no other cunts are capable of conversing in quite like an Irish thoroughbred can.  

This last one is a bit special. "Cant" is another word used for the language of the Travelling Community, a very clever language that flips the order of words, turns Irish words backwards and performs other magic. It's also a word which means "vernacular" or "slang." "Cunts" has a bad wrap globally. It's one of my all-time favourite words. In Ireland, there are possibly as many ways to use it as there are to use "grand." In Ireland, "cunt" can be a term of affection. If we call you a bunch of cunts, we probably like you a lot. By "an Irish thoroughbred," I don't mean a horse. I mean someone like me, pure Irish to the bone. Rough, raw and ready with a mouth that drips curses like a strawberry drips melted chocolate. What I mean by this last line is that in learning Hiberno English, you learn a vernacular that nobody in the world is capable of using quite like someone born, bred and buttered in Ireland. 

And full circle we come to the senses. Today, I take you back to April 2009, a time my mind wandered to passion. 


I see him, watching;

mindlessly stroking the arm of his chair


Something dances in those eyes. 

Is it evil? 


I feel myself being watched.

Unconsciously tapping my foot on the stair,


Curiosity dances in my eyes.

Do I want to know?


We stand. Passions explode. 

Words hiss like flame doused with water. 

Tension builds. 



Do we want to ask? 


The room revolves. 

We fall.

Bodies lying side by side

speech lost.

Lesser used sense evoked,

breathing measured, balanced. 


We inhale

each gulping the scent of the other

deeply, hungrily. 



We touch

softly, slowly

exploring every crevice. 



We kiss

gently, eagerly

tasting, teasing. 



We stare 

inquiringly, intensely. 

Speech returns. 


We talk

calmly, honestly. 



we unite,

all senses alive 

acting in unison. 






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