Day 19 - An Error Avoided

Jun 27, 2024

There once was a woman from Ireland

who worked in a toxic environment.

She wanted to leave,

but she felt too much fear,

so she stayed 'til she burnt out 

from tiredness. 


After some time she got her confidence back

found a new job

plastered over the cracks. 

She had helpful new colleagues

no toxic managers to please.

She was smashing her goals 

on a new track. 


Then one fine day

came a knock on her door

"I've got an offer you cannot ignore.

I'll wine you and dine you. I'll show you around.

You're the most sought after agent in town." 


"Freedom I'll give you

to name your price.

Four days a week?

Done. I'm here to entice

you into the role I dearly need to fill;

Worry not. I am certain your skills fit the bill." 


"Sure send me the contract.

I'll give it a goo. 

Though I can't promise anything 

right now to you. 

Your offer is lucrative, 

that I'll admit. 

I'm just not so sure I want to commit.

Two schools you have,

but you want me in one;

is that correct or have I misunderstood?"


"Yes, that is right,

though there might be a need

at times to move you between them you see

some people are leaving, 

one woman is out. She's having a baby, 

and has said without doubt

that she'll take the full term of time off to be

with her young one; a year's maternity."


In came the offer

- an open contract -

"You name your price, 

I will not retract

the promise I've opened 

the statements I've made

Come back to me within

the next three days." 


She was excited. This was her dream.

Four days a week with a blank salary. 

But negativity niggled, a "no" stirred inside.

Was she being hoodwinked, 

buttered up to comply 

to accept what a naive young woman 

might see as the job of her dreams 

an offer few would believe 

you could get in your thirties,

fairly new to the game;

though she knew in her industry 

she had made a good name. 


"Not long ago, I set myself free

from toxicity, lies and underhand deals. 

This guy has two roles he needs to fill,

He's already said I'll be moved at least until

that lady comes back from maternity

if she ever does...what is in store for me?

My instincts are screaming, just like before, 

'Woman, don't do it! You said no more

you would put yourself through this.

Enough is enough.

This time, stick with it, 

listen to your gut.'"


With grit in her heart and resolve in her head

she sent her reply, through a slight pang of dread. 

"I am grateful to you for your time and the gift

of such an offer for which I could scarcely have risked

saying no to at one stage in my career 

but today, I've decided I choose to steer clear

of management roles, of finance and sales, 

My instincts nevermore will I derail."


Silence. One day. Two days

Three passed. Nothing.

She checked her junk folder. 


Silence, she thought, speaks volumes

Go me. He didn't even have the common courtesy

To send a reply, to acknowledge receipt. 

She'd avoided an error,

seen through his deceit. 


She'd heeded her instincts

for the first time in years. 

She was proud of herself, 

and very relieved.  

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