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Connected Communication Resources - Limited Lifetime! - 1st 100 Subscribers!

Cross-cultural communication, public speaking, English pronunciation and mindset training for bilingual professionals, podcasters, and entrepreneurs.


✅ 100+ video & audio sessions

✅ 18+ hours of content

✅ Reflection exercises

✅ Visualisation meditations

✅ Module Summaries & scripts

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Unique, multi-disciplinary content - NEVER HEARD BEFORE!

  • Stop apologising for your language. 

  • Stop feeling insecure. 

  • Step questioning your delivery. 

  • Start feeling confident. 

  • Start feeling secure. 

  • Start resonating.

  • Start influencing.

  • Start impacting. 

...over 30 years of training, performance & teaching practice COMBINED...

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What People Are Saying:

Working with Christine was so great! Not only has she helped me improve my speaking skills, but also boosted my self-confidence. She also shared tips on breathing to get rid of nervousness when speaking. With her fantastic coaching & guidance, I'm able to speak confidently.

Soo, Malaysia

Christine has not only helped me improve my communication skills and taught me everything I didn’t know about the power of using ‘pause, rhythm and tone’, she also helped me improve my presentation skills, as well as my stage presence and story telling. She is absolutely fantastic to work with, and you will, without any doubts achieve remarkable results whilst working with Christine.

Aga, Netherlands

Thank you so much Christine. I love your support. You're so helpful. I really enjoy this blend of life and language coaching that you do.

Martina, Czechia

Christine and her approach point out to me how I can connect English with my mother tongue. I am delighted to have met and studied with her. She's touched my life. I'll never forget her and our fun times together.

Gizem, Turkey

My presentation went really well! My manager was happy with it and I can see they feel fine about my ability now.

Joanna, Dublin

"Don't know how to thank you for the support. So much has changed! The presentation I did was put forwards to be used as a template for the entire organisation!"

Simona, Italy