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  1. Confidence & Mindset. 
  2. Professional Public Speaking.
  3. Breathing for Performance.
  4. Articulation & Resonance.
  5. Posture.
  6. English Pronunciation.
  7. The Neuroscience of Confidence.
  8. Cross-cultural Communication.
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I know!

It seems ridiculous that I'd offer all that for such a small fee. 

But it's for a reason. 


This content was custom made for private clients.

I want EVERYONE, ANYWHERE to be able to afford it. 

I've combined over 30 years' international experience, €50,000 worth of training, and well over 10,000 hours of study into ONE place. 


This cuts through the bullπŸ’© of high ticket fees. 


EVERYONE deserves access to this kind of learning. 


Help me disrupt an industry that's making communication training elite. 


For less than the price of a pot of tea and a scone in an Irish cafΓ©, you can transform your career, your communication AND....


you'll be able to transform someone else's too! 

What People Are Saying:

"The PDFs that go along with the content are excellent. Your 'mindset' video taught me a valuable lesson."

Giuseppe, Italy

"After only 3 weeks, I feel more confident when communicating with English speakers."

Priscilla, France

"I'm absolutely loving the podcast and course. I can't get enough of them! Anyone who's launching a podcast should get some sort of speech training."

Barry, UK

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